The NAM RATTRA INTERNATIONAL CHARITABLE TRUST was established on 2001 to serve needy and the weaker section in the society. However the Trust felt that yeoman services should be rendered to the people by preparing nurses to meet the health demands and thus the College of Nursing was established.

NRI College of Nursing was established in the October 2003 year to promote Nursing education which is a pivot in the Healthcare delivery system and to aid in the progress of research in field of Nursing

The college was initially offering Diploma in Nursing and to add further in the cap of our college with B.Sc(Nursing) program has startedin the year 2009.

The College is affiliated to the Baba Farid University of Health Science, Faridkot and Recognized by the Indian Nursing Council and by the Punjab Nursing Council. The College believes in preparing nurses from all states of India and Abroad to meet the great challenges of service in the field of Nursing.

Nursing must keep themselves abreast of new findings enabling them to advance along with other health proffessionals if the people (consumers) is to be assured of a healthy health care programme.

Henceforth the college prepares its students to develop ability to critically analyze  problems and take responsibility effectiveness throughout their careers. The college beleives in a system of education that suits with the dynamic educational patterns of the country to meet the needs of the society.

We the faculty of college of Nursing believes that nursing is a service of which relates to whole person through ministry of caring and nurturing. We also believe that nurses prepared from this college will be able to take responsibilities and meet challenges by providing excellence of comprehensive nursing care.

We also believe that nurses will have a thorough understanding to synthesize critical situation and to generate answers for such situation through a research oriented approach and to maintain interdependence with other health proffessionals to attain professional autonomy and thus promoting their personal and professional career.