Building : The NRI College of Nursing have a very good built bulding with modern facilities.

Class Rooms : We have four Class rooms , Spacious walls, well lighted and vantilated rooms

Nursing Practice lab : We have one Nursing practice lab, fully equiped with built in cupboards & furnitures including table, chair, electric fitting, and inventory articles.

Community Practice lab : We have one Community practice lab with full required articles for practice nursing procedure in a community setup.

Nutrition lab : We have one Nutrition lab with work tables and other equipments and accessories as prescribed by INC.

Computer lab : We have one Computer lab. The internet facility is also there.

Auditorium/Multipurpose Hall : We have one Auditorium/Multipurpose Hall. The capacity of a Auditorium/Multipurpose Hall is a 500 candidates

Library : We have very well built Libraray. The Libraraian is there to handle a library. We have Numbers of books available in the libraray which are related the courses and also other reference books are also available there. The magazines and newspapers are also there for studing.